Author: Sheryl Simpson

Easter Egg Ravioli!

Behold the artistry and craftsmanship of Ron Smith!  He has taken Four Cheese ravioli to a whole new place…your Easter brunch, lunch or dinner!  Stripes of beet, spinach and turmeric pasta are layered over the base pasta to give these


We know we love the rich, earthy bitterness of the exotic spice saffron in pasta, risotto and seafood dishes, but what exactly is it, and why is it so expensive? Saffron derives from the flower of the Crocus sativas plant. 

The Vegan Guy

Food blogger Shelby Bond visits with our master pastamaker, Ron Smith:  

Pasta History 101: Origins

There is a long-standing belief that Marco Polo was the one who introduced pasta to Italy from China. While he is credited with bringing many of the advancements that characterized the Age of Enlightenment in Western Civilization, it is widely

What is “semolina”?

Most of you know we make our fresh pasta from a very traditional recipe of semolina, local eggs and water, but how many of you know exactly what semolina is?  To be honest, I had to do a bit of

Heart-shaped Ravioli for Valentine’s Day

  When we first started offering heart-shaped ravioli at Pasta & Co., we made them by hand.  We would gather up friends willing to work for food and have wine-infused assembly line parties into the wee hours. That was 15


We’re super excited and honored to be featured with 9 other amazing Austin food artisans by Tastemakers.

L Style / G Style….

We were so happy to be part of this article with Suzanne Santos of the Sustainable Food Center.  Being a part of SFC’s farmers market community is special part of what we do.

The tree out front…

Ever since the original owner Marilou Morales planted it in 1992, the pretty little evergreen tree with the white flowers has been a topic of conversation and curiosity among our customers.  The happy little tree (happiest, in fact, when the